NEWS3 April 2014

Accuracy varies ‘significantly’ between viewability measurement companies, says report

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UK — There are significant differences between the accuracy and capabilities of video viewability measurement companies (VMCs), according to a new report.

Kellogg and Brightroll partnered to evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of eight companies through a two-phase testing framework. The first phase involved serving video ads to a BrightRoll-operated domain configured to present a number of test cases; the second phase involved live environment testing to gauge the VMCs ability to integrate and execute.


Key findings from the study included:

  • Consistency associated with display viewability measurement does not hold true in video viewability measurement
  • SIgnificant differences were identified between viewability measurement companies in terms of capabilities and accuracy
  • Accuracy of some measurement partners varied primarily based on user behaviour and browser/ iframe combinations
  • Some vendors may utilise sampling methodologies to estimate viewability, leading to significant measurement error

The study concluded that there is a need for VMCs to invest in developing solutions to measure the viewability of digital video advertising.

The full report can be downloaded here.


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10 years ago

Totally unsurprisingly, the IAB US and MRC haven't actually said much on this front, preferring to shout from the treetops about how they've finally made it possible for everyone to trade on viewable impressions. Also unsurprisingly, they don't mention measurement problems - and what proportion of ads are even measurable; as recently as last year it was around 50% measurable for some campaigns

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