NEWS7 February 2020

605 launches TV analytics platform

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US – Television measurement and analytics firm, 605, has released 605 Platform, a web-based audience measurement and analytics application.

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605 Platform gives advanced measurement and analysis of TV programmes and ads across linear, over-the-air, DVR and set-top box VOD, using 605’s multi-source TV dataset.

This includes set-top box and smart TV viewership data covering more than 21m households in the US that is aggregated, anonymised and privacy compliant. These datasets can be combined and matched with clients’ viewership data.

Using an ‘identity layer’ – highly specific attributes of the 21m households it measures – platform users can select, activate and target first- or third-party audience segments or datasets.

605 said it is the first able to combine TV viewership datasets, so customers can ‘bring their own’ viewership data and combine it with 605’s data in a secure, privacy compliant manner.

Noah Levine, chief revenue officer at 605, said: “We created a solution that addresses the challenges posed by increased time-shifted viewing of more niche content across a multitude of devices.

“605 Platform not only answers the question of ‘how many people are truly watching TV content across devices and over time’ but also bridges data-driven linear with addressable and cross-platform insights.”

605 Platform will be piloted by Discovery and AMC Networks – both agreeing to become the first official programming clients to use the application – it will then be available to other clients.