NEWS26 July 2016

60% of Britons interested in the Olympics will share related online content

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UK — Research from marketing technology firm RadiumOne has revealed that the majority of Britons interested in the upcoming Olympics are likely to share online content about it. 

The research showed that 60% of those interested in the games said they would share content, and that 43% said they would share content on a daily basis. A third said they would share more content than they normally would over a two-week period. 

Smartphones will reportedly be the most popular device for sharing Olympic content (selected by 42% of sharers), followed by laptops ( 35%) and tablets ( 25%). 

The most popular types of content were revealed to be the sport the sharer is interested in ( 68%), world records ( 64%), news stories ( 61%) and pictures ( 59%). Video highlights will reportedly be shared by 54%. 

“The sharing-fest that is the Olympics is a goldmine for marketers to tap into consumer interest, particularly as the games are on a non-commercial TV channel,” said Craig Tuck, RadiumOne’s UK managing director.

“Sharing content online indicates a strong degree of interest among those sharing plus the additional layer of people they identify as also being interested in that content.”

The research was carried out by Mindmover among 1,000 people aged 16+ during February. Figures were weighted to be nationally representative.