NEWS8 October 2015

35% of organisations now subscribe to paid social media monitoring

News UK

UK — A report has revealed that social media now takes up 20% of marketing departments’ time, and social media monitoring activity has grown alongside it.

The report, based on research by B2B research agency Circle Research and B2B Marketing magazine, revealed that 80% of businesses regularly post on social media, taking up 20% of marketing departments’ time.

It claims that as the value associated with social media has grown, so has the attention paid to tracking its performance: 35% of organisations now subscribe to a paid social media monitoring platform.

Twitter and LinkedIn are used by 90% of organisations and social media is typically used to funnel clients to larger pieces of content on their own websites. However, less than a third of organisations describe this method as ‘very effective’.

Results were based on responses from 105 B2B businesses worldwide.

“When putting together a content plan take the time to consider how you can get the very most from your content,” said Andrew Dalglish, director of Circle Research. “Repurposing content to take advantage of the most effective social media platforms is a no-brainer – so highlight those killer stats in an infographic or video a chat with your CEO and make your content work harder!”