NEWS14 November 2013

20/20 Research launches Virtual Intercepts tool

North America Technology

US — 20/20 Research has launched Virtual Intercepts, a tool allowing researchers to ‘intercept’ respondents as they complete online surveys in order to interview them qualitatively.

Virtual Intercepts is an interactive tool for researchers to gain qualitative feedback from respondents already engaged in online quantitative surveys. The service allows researchers to move survey participants to a live, face-to-face qualitative interview (using webcam technology and streaming video) directly from a survey. They can also be invited directly from social media sites – including Facebook – and from email lists.

“This is a rapid way for researchers to spontaneously investigate the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ in any quantitative survey,” said Jim Bryson, CEO and founder of 20/20 Research. “Moderators have always wanted a way to gain faster insights ‘in the moment’ without the lag time of complicated recruiting, the worry of logistics or the high costs of both. We’ve given them the tool to do that.”

For more information, visit the 20/20 website.