NEWS4 November 2014

15% of global population ‘don't trust polls’

Middle East and Africa News

SOUTH AFRICA — The UK population is among the least trusting of polls, according to a survey by the World Independent Network of Market Research, WIN/Gallup International.

The survey, of 42,720 people across 47 countries, revealed that 50% of respondents “somewhat trust” polls that are published in their country. Around a third ( 30%) “fully trust” these surveys, while 15% said they didn’t trust them, and 5% didn’t know.

Respondents were grouped into three categories: naïve, critical and cynical. The naïve group believe over 42% of polls and came mainly from Nigeria, Morocco, UAE, Saudi Arabia and India.

The critical group believed between 12% and 42% of polls, while the cynical believed 11% and less of polls, and came mainly from the Philippines, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Iceland, Japan, Korea, UK, Argentina and France.

Further findings can be found here.



10 years ago

I don't believe those numbers....ah thank you very much

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10 years ago

So, how do we know whether we can trust this poll?

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10 years ago

It's disappointing and partly our own fault. We need to do a better job of 1) ensuring the people who use/publish our poll results present them accurately and 2) educating the public and what makes a good poll. Does anyone know of an organization that offers a seal of approval for polls?

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