NEWS17 December 2014

100% viewability measurement ‘not yet possible’

News North America

US — The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has recommended 70% as the best threshold for viewability measurement in 2015, claiming that 100% viewability measurement is “not yet possible”.

In a paper released yesterday — State of Viewability Transaction — the IAB labelled 2015 a “year of transition” and offered the digital media and advertising industries guidance on how to manage the shift of digital media’s audience currency to 100% viewability.

“It’s time to set the record straight about what is technically and commercially feasible, in order to get ourselves on an effective road to 100% viewability and greater accountability for digital media,” said Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO, IAB.

“The MRC said it best – 100% is currently unreasonable. Why? Because, different ad units, browsers, ad placements, vendors and measurement methodologies yield wildly different viewability numbers. Publishers, agencies, marketers, and ad tech companies can resolve these differences by working collaboratively to make measurement make sense. We won’t do it by holding guns to each others’ heads.”

The trade body outlined seven principles for 2015 that it recommended marketers, agencies and publishers adhere to in order to “foster stronger collaboration and build trust”. Those principles can be read here.