NEWS4 November 2021

Disqo enables brands to measure impact of TikTok ads

News North America

US – Consumer insights platform Disqo has extended its advertising measurement product for use in analysing the performance of in-feed ads on social media service TikTok. 

TikTok app

Disqo’s consumer insights platform is powered by a 100% opted-in Disqo audience, meaning consumers who share their journey before, during and after ad exposure. In this zero-party data approach, Disqo connects brand perceptions and digital outcomes via a single source, at scale, an approach that is said to give “brands complete visibility into what consumers think and do across devices, platforms and apps”. 

“Last year, TikTok said more than 50 million Americans were using its application on a daily basis, and our brand clients are increasingly using the platform to reach and engage those consumers,” said Kevin Whitcher, vice-president of product and enterprise applications for Disqo. “Beyond reach, advertisers are drawn to the creative storytelling and full-funnel messaging capabilities TikTok offers. We’re helping them understand and optimise those investments.”

Behavioural data analysis has revealed that the shopping cart value of TikTok users was between 6.3% and 12.1% higher than non-TikTok users in the Disqo audience. Many additional insights about usage, perceptions and behaviours related to advertising on TikTok are available in Disqo’s free report, entitled TikTok is all that… and a bag of clips, which surveyed 39,452 adult audience members on 20 and 21 September this year.