FEATURE22 July 2021

Working to live: How is the workplace evolving?

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Work is undergoing a major transformation, with many more people working remotely. What does it mean for society and will we ever return to the nine-to-five? Elen Lewis reports.

remote working with cat

Long before the global pandemic turned remote working into a necessity, Faris and Rosie Yakob had worked ‘out of office’ – for more than eight years and counting. They live on the road, moving from project to project, staying in hotels or short-term rentals, and with friends and family.

Their nomadic creative consultancy, Genius Steals, is registered in Tennessee, and has an accounting team in Washington state and a roaming operations director. With the global lockdown easing, at the time of writing the Yakobs were flying back to the US to get their vaccines, with a stint in the Dominican Republic on the horizon.

Faris recalls his former life at a New York-based ad agency, where board meetings were held on Sundays because they were too busy during the week. “We lived in a world of people who lived to work – and while we loved what we did, we fell into a different camp. We worked to live and, more ...