FEATURE27 January 2020

The whole self

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Emma Case has used her own experiences as a neurodivergent woman to build a network for other women like herself, as she explains to Jane Bainbridge.

The whole self

As the conversation about inclusion and diversity in the workplace has intensified, there is a common mantra heard – you can’t be what you can’t see. This can be applied to all areas of diversity but for Emma Case, it’s particularly important in terms of neurodiversity, an area that has all too often remained invisible.

Around one in seven people are estimated to be neurodivergent – meaning their brain learns and processes information differently, with common conditions including attention deficit disorders (ADHD), autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

For the past few years, Case has been working hard to raise awareness of neurodiverse women and, to that end, created the Women Beyond the Box community – a network dedicated to supporting them.

She came to this after a successful career in fashion, setting up the network at the same time as she established herself as an entrepreneur and coach. This change of direction coincided with her own diagnosis of ADHD and dyspraxia.

“I ...