FEATURE23 February 2017

Safety in numbers

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Car manufacturer Volvo’s long- term vision is to protect its customers while making them feel special. Understanding how to do that involves immersing its employees in customers’ lives. By Bronwen Morgan


When you hear the word ‘Volvo’, it’s likely that a particular word – perhaps even two words – beginning with ‘s’ comes to mind. 

The car manufacturer is one of the most clearly positioned brands in the automotive industry – or any industry, for that matter – with an almost universally recognised association with safety (and Sweden). 

And, says Andreas Strasser, head of research and automotive strategy at Volvo, the brand is not looking to stray too far from that core label: Volvo’s ‘Vision 2020’ is that no-one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car by 2020.

But the brand is looking to build and add to that, says Strasser. “We can be very proud of having this legacy of being a leader in safety and we’re delivering on that front with our Vision 2020, ” he says.

“That’s very ...