FEATURE20 May 2020

Ringing the changes

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From new markets to long-term strategy, BT is positioning its insight team as partners to the business, with insight connecting to everything it does. By Katie McQuater

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“You are one of one, but being connected breeds more fun, and more opportunities, ” opens the spoken word poet voicing the advert for BT Halo. The ad lists the numbers of connections we need in our lives, from e-sports to climate change marches, in order to highlight the benefits of BT’s combined 4G, 5G and fibre broadband plan.

Connectivity is BT’s core business, and it’s at the heart of Georgina White’s mission, too. As group insight director, she is leading a change in how insight is placed at the heart of decision-making at the company. Since she joined in 2018, insight has been centralised to serve all parts of the organisation, and now she faces a new challenge – the function has created such a thirst for knowledge that it needs to double its capacity to meet internal demand.

In 2018, the company recognised that insight needed to be a strategic asset to help create a “single version of ...