FEATURE27 July 2022

Performance reviewed: Research at Tripadvisor

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Tripadvisor uses professional insights to better understand prevailing travel trends and find out what consumers really want when they visit a particular destination. By Colette Doyle.

TripAdvisor HQ reception

One billion – that’s a heck of a big number by anybody’s standards, but that’s the number of reviews that Tripadvisor had clocked up from its users by February this year. The travel guidance site, which was founded 22 years ago, says it hit the milestone through a combination of reviews, tips, photographs, likes, comments and posts.

“We were very excited to get there, ” notes Tatiana Gonzalez, research and insights lead at the Massachusetts-headquartered company.

Gonzalez heads up the professional insights team that sits within the TAPS organisation – Tripadvisor Advertising and Partner Solutions. Although the focus for her six-strong team has traditionally been media, she works cross-functionally with other departments, such as communications, enterprise and hospitality, as well as operating “hand in hand” with analytics.

“We have, in fact, just hired for a role that will not be media-focused; its remit will instead be to work closely with other groups within the organisation, providing them with more ready access ...