FEATURE18 December 2018

Our most-read features of 2018: compassionate capitalism, Shell and GDPR

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From articles on cognitive diversity and corporate responsibility to interviews with client-side insight professionals, Research Live has published a wealth of features in 2018.

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As we approach the end of the year, we reflect on the features that attracted the most readers over the past 12 months.

1. Compassionate capitalism – a movement, not just a buzzword

Judith Passingham, chief executive of Ipsos Global Operations and Ipsos Interactive Services, outlines the principles of compassionate capitalism and explains why businesses should adopt more strategic philanthropy.

2. The road ahead

James Johnstone, global customer insights director at Shell, thinks the term market research is too limiting. As Shell faces disruption, it’s insight that will help him understand petrol-station shopping behaviour. 

3. Compliance beyond GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation isn’t the only area affecting policy and regulation for market researchers, as Dr Michelle Goddard explains in this article, published in May.

4. BE360: financial feedback

Feedback trumps financial education when it comes to improving people’s financial capability, as The Behavioural Architects’ Crawford Hollingworth and Liz Barker explain.

5. BE360: stopping our taps running dry

In another well-read BE360 piece this year, Hollingworth and Barker explain how behavioural science can help to reduce water consumption.

6. Different mindsets

Diversity of minds is often forgotten in wider discussions around diversity. But businesses can become more resilient and increase their understanding of the people they look to reflect with better cognitive diversity insight.

7. Trickle effect: cultural water consciousness in Cape Town

Bamm Global’s Peter Lane looks at how the drought in Cape Town is affecting the way people are making everyday decisions, finding water consciousness becoming part of the cultural values of the affluent. 

8. Can we handle the truth of evolutionary psychology?

Peter Totman argues that those resistant to, or unfamiliar with, evolutionary psychology should look in more detail at this strand of science.

9. Kathryn Blanshard – momentum is better than perfection

Following her appointment as managing director of C Space in the UK, Kathryn Blanshard spoke to Jane Bainbridge about her new role and the challenges facing the industry.

10. Gary Laben on the Research Now SSI merger

At the beginning of the year, Research Live caught up with Gary Laben, the chief executive of then newly formed Research Now SSI, to find out more about the new company.

Yesterday, we looked at the top 10 news articles of the year, and later this week, we'll also publish a list of Research Live’s most-read opinion articles of 2018.