FEATURE24 October 2022

Optimistic investor: The future of sustainable investment

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Sustainable investment is big business, yet not all environmental, social and governance funds are born equal. Jane Simms meets Clim8 founder Duncan Grierson to talk about how ordinary people can invest to make a positive difference.

 Duncan Grierson standing infront of a blue brick wall

Clim8, the sustainable investing platform launched in April last year, has a deceptively simple proposition. Hannah Fry, mathematician, science presenter and bestselling author, summed it up in her voice-over for the company’s advertising campaign that aired on Channel 4 in the spring. In breaks between prime-time programmes, such as Gogglebox, Grand Designs and Peep Show, viewers were treated to this succinct pitch: “When it comes to investing, you don’t have to choose between your head or your heart… between success or happiness… between your future or the planet’s future. With Clim8, you can invest with your finances and the climate in mind.”

This ringing endorsement by such a high-profile advocate of sustainability is pure marketing gold, as Duncan Grierson, founder and chief executive of Clim8, acknowledges. “We are thrilled to be working with Hannah. With her scientific background, knowledge of the climate crisis and personal passion to make a difference, she is a perfect fit for Clim8, ” he says.

Clim8, ...