FEATURE27 February 2018

New transaction

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The physical and digital have had to merge for Clydesdale and Yorkshire bank owner CYBG to stay relevant in an experience era. As group innovations and marketing director Helen Page explains, the customer has been put at the centre of the process. 

New transactions - studio

Like any other bank post-2008, Clydesdale Yorkshire Banking Group (CYBG) is no stranger to a challenge. 

Formed of two constituent brands, Clydesdale and Yorkshire, CYBG became independent from the National Australia Bank after its initial public offering (IPO) in February 2016, and swiftly turned its attention to digital. The company had a problem, however: its two legacy brands were bleeding customers. A loyal base of older customers was dwindling, and it wasn’t attracting new ones. 

“Our customer base was ageing and declining. We had to do quite a bit of work thinking about how to use younger audiences, who are somewhat picky about what banks they select, ” says Helen Page, group innovations and marketing director at CYBG.

Not only did CYBG need to learn more about its current customers, but – against a backdrop of radically changing behaviour around finance – it also wanted to tap into a younger customer base and attract millennials. The group ...