FEATURE9 November 2018

Mind the gap

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Companies employing more than 250 people now must, by law, declare their gender pay gap – and this includes a significant number of market research businesses. Jane Bainbridge reports.


Inclusion and equality – whether in terms of gender, ethnicity or disability – have risen higher in our collective consciousness recently. From the post-Harvey Weinstein scandal #MeToo groundswell, and the more specific timeTo sexual harassment ad industry campaign, to better dialogue about mental health and the introduction of more explicit inclusion agendas in the workplace – it is being talked about, behavioural issues are being addressed and legislation introduced.

When the BBC was forced to publish the pay of its top presenters last year, few could have anticipated how quickly the story would shift from the rights and wrongs of public sector v commercial pay, to the staggering disparity between the salaries of men and women within the organisation – with the inevitable broader repercussions and discussions around gender pay gaps. 

Since April last year, employers in Britain with more than 250 staff have been required, by law, to publish their gender pay-gap data. This has included ...