FEATURE18 August 2022

How to beat burnout: Stress at work

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Creating an inspiring environment where employee wellbeing can flourish is becoming ever more critical. Stephanie Rowley talks us through the smartest ways to deal with workplace stress.

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Burnout and exhaustion are becoming ever more prominent in the research industry, with heavy workloads and impending deadlines cited as the main causes.

But as a leader, how do you deal with this? Running a successful business depends on a healthy flow of work – so what do you do when the very thing that is keeping your company afloat is the same thing that is dragging your people down and burning them out?
Here are five factors to bear in mind to enable you to start tackling the problem of overwhelming workloads and challenging ways of working at source.

Face facts

The first step in dealing with a problem is acknowledging that it actually exists and understanding where it’s coming from.
It’s time to take a hard look at things and face the truth. As a leader, have you made it your business to really understand what’s going on within your team? You might know people are busy ...