FEATURE1 August 2019

Health alert: five steps towards wellbeing at work

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Opinium has carried out a mental health audit on the market research industry and identified the top five things employers can do to help with staff mental health. Jane Bainbridge takes a look.

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Looking after our emotional – as well as our physical – health is increasingly seen as a vital part of our wellbeing. It’s been a long time coming. While physical ailments are often visible, mental illness is mostly invisible and, feeling stigmatised, sufferers have invariably felt that they must hide their problems.

But attitudes are starting to change. With a younger generation apparently experiencing unprecedented levels of emotional stress, schools are introducing good mental health programmes to help students. Rates of depression, anxiety and self-harm are all rising among children and young people and, to help tackle mental health problems early, the Mental Health Foundation launched its Make it Count campaign.

In the working world, more enlightened employers have been taking note of this wind of change and ensuring they are creating mentally healthy workplaces with systems to help those in need. But how widespread is this and how does market research fare as a sector?

This is what market research agency Opinium wanted ...