FEATURE6 December 2021

Growing giving: Charity fundraising in Tanzania

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Research from the Charities Aid Foundation and Ipsos Mori project examined the past, present and future of the Tanzanian charity sector. By Liam Kay.

World view-Tanzania

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) produces an annual World Giving Index, documenting which nations’ populations give away the most money, volunteer and undertake other charitable activities. While the report gives a broad overview of the global picture, the challenge for CAF is how to understand what is happening on the ground, particularly in countries that are less rich and globally connected.

As part of this goal, CAF employed Ipsos Mori to research the attitudes to charities and charitable giving in Tanzania, with the support of the Aga Khan Foundation, CS Mott Foundation and the UK National Lottery Community Fund. The project examined individual giving, the likely impact of the expansion of the middle classes in the developing world on charitable giving, and the context in which charities operated, such as government regulations, in Tanzania, as part of a series of similar projects in South Africa, Uganda and Kenya.

Sameera Mehra, head of global alliance and international networks at CAF, says that the reason ...