FEATURE8 June 2017

Future flavours

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Molecular-level flavour analysis and customer behaviour are being used by Belgian firm Foodpairing for evidence-based predictions on flavour trends. Jane Bainbridge reports


As anyone who grew up in the 1970s or earlier knows all too well, the rich and varied food choices we enjoy in the UK today were not always the norm. While Brits took the anglicised version of curry to their hearts readily, other – more exotic – flavours have taken longer to form part of the nation’s meal repertoire. 

But as food culture has become increasingly important for many people, predicting what the next culinary trend will be is vital for food professionals all over the world. 

To help chefs, bartenders and manufacturers, Bernard Lahousse, Peter Coucquyt and Johan Langenbick founded food technology company Foodpairing. By combining consumer intelligence, molecular analysis of ingredients and data science, the Bruges-based business sets out to forecast the next big flavours in the food industry.

Each co-founder brings ...