FEATURE22 April 2022

Feeling fulfilled: Understanding work-life balance

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Data analysis is being used to help women in business understand how to achieve real fulfilment through the workplace. Liam Kay reports.


What does fulfilment mean to you in your career? For some, it is a good work-life balance; others cite career opportunities or personal growth. Higher pay is the holy grail for many, while some long for better social connections at work. One project, however, is using data from a global survey to identify the main ‘personas’ driving our ideas of work-based fulfilment.

The Female Lead is a charity that seeks to examine the factors that limit women’s choices and fulfilment in society. It has launched the Female Fulfilment Finder, a survey generating data to examine what makes women feel genuinely happy. Edwina Dunn, co-founder of data science firm Dunnhumby and founder of The Female Lead, says the project was born out of the “realisation that women are put together as a single group and we know we’re not all the same, we’re not all born equal or treated equally”. She adds: “That’s where the idea came from – how we ...