FEATURE7 March 2014

Exit interview

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In April 2014 former Interbrand chairman, Rita Clifton, comes to the end of her five-year term as president of the Market Research Society.

She’s witnessed a great deal of change at the organisation during that time, including a new CEO and an extensive re-brand. To find out how she got on – and what’s next for the ‘doyenne of branding’ – Research turns HR department and conducts her (unofficial) exit interview.


What is your main reason for leaving?
The fact that it’s a fixed term is my only reason for leaving. I’ve been delighted to do it, but one of the main reasons for fixed terms – in any role – is that it’s generally in the interests of the organisation to have some fresh views and some fresh blood after that period of time. 

What did you enjoy most about the role?
Seeing the transformation of the MRS into an organisation that reflects some of the excitement and innovation in the research sector generally. Bringing ...