FEATURE29 June 2020

Emotional connection

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Emotion-AI start-up Looxid Labs is aiming to take virtual and augmented reality one step further, by connecting with people’s brainwaves. Jane Bainbridge talks to its CEO, Brian Yongwook Chae, to find out more.


Virtual reality (VR) is not exactly new technology anymore, but, to all intents and purposes, we’re still at the early adoption phase of its product life-cycle.

The hardware has remained expensive, and this has been one factor holding back wider take-up. But, inevitably, as prices come down and the experience becomes more ‘real’, adoption rates are expected to rise.

Estimates on the size of the market varies, but Fortune Business Insights predicts the global VR market will reach $120bn by 2026 – compared with $7bn in 2018.

At South Korean AI start-up Looxid Labs, work is already under way on taking VR to the next level, by integrating biometrics into a VR, augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) platform.

It has developed a user interface – Looxid Link – that can connect people’s minds to VR. It works by incorporating brainwave sensor accessory modules and its software development kit (SDK), so a person’s brainwaves can be measured while they’re in a ...