FEATURE28 March 2017

Emerging Indonesia

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INDONESIA – Indonesia is a country undergoing significant change, and its citizens are driving it. By Bronwen Morgan


The 2014 presidential election in Indonesia brought the country to a crossroads: the highest number of voters in Indonesian history decided between two very different candidates, with very different visions for the nation’s future. 

The people eventually chose Joko Widodo – known as Jokowi – a softly spoken individual with no ties to the military or to the elite. This was a departure from the norm for Indonesians, who had previously elected leaders from military backgrounds or who were members of political dynasties. 

According to a new report from Flamingo, Jokowi’s election “rings in a new Indonesia, one whose people are more confident, have a stronger sense of their own agency and are eager to build the nation on their own terms, from the bottom up.” The agency’s report, Beyond Jakarta, outlines trends that paint a picture of ‘emerging Indonesia’. Three of these are summarised below. 

DIY youth

Art collectives have blossomed in Indonesia in recent years, in particular in ...