FEATURE4 August 2022

Dr Kenny Monrose in seven

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Dr Kenny Monrose, researcher in sociology and a fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge, is lead researcher on the Black British Voices Project and author of Black men in Britain: an ethnographic portrait of the post-Windrush generation. He has worked with Middlesex University and the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime on services for young crime victims.

black and white image of Dr Kenny Monrose into front of a book shelf

1. What is the biggest issue facing the UK criminal justice system?
Cyberspace is the largest platform where crime takes place and that has impacted on community policing, meaning policing by consent has, to an extent, become a thing of the past. As a result, an even bigger gulf has emerged between some communities and enforcement agencies who engage only during a situation of conflict, to the point that the relationship between the public and the criminal justice system has crystallised into one of ‘us and them’.

2. What accounts for the tense relationship between black communities and the police?
Our research with black communities has highlighted that the issue is not about policing as such, as it is accepted that the police service is, of course, a necessity. The concerns surround what is considered bad, insensitive over-policing.

3. Do you think the Windrush generation is starting to get proper recognition?
The achievements and struggles of black people in this country have always been recognised by ...