FEATURE8 September 2021

Don't be afraid to share ideas: Lessons from young researchers

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Bessie Pike and Tarek Chaudhury, joint winners of the Research Live Young Researcher of the Year award 2020, share their thoughts on getting into research, lessons they've learned and what they'd like to see change in the industry. By Liam Kay.


What made you want to join the market research industry?

Bessie Pike, research manager at Walnut Unlimited: I was volunteering with Age UK and it was there that I realised research is a tool to make changes in the world. I heard so many different stories and it was so inspiring – I think that brought out the researcher in me.

I remember thinking: ‘I really want to be a part of this’ – then I saw the advert for Walnut Unlimited. I was a telephone interviewer for TNS and Kantar when I was 17, and I did not know I was doing market research at the time. That was my first exposure to it, as a part-time job.

Tarek Chaudhury, freelance qual researcher and senior strategist: There are some parallels with me, as I was effectively doing market research when I was 17, too. I used to ...