FEATURE4 July 2022

Catherine Yuile – Research Hero

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The Market Research Society launched the Research Heroes programme to celebrate the sector’s unsung heroes. Catherine Yuile has joined the cadre of Research Heroes 2022.

Catherine Yuile, Associate Vice-President, Research, Insights & NPS, Manulife Canada


Catherine is an executive leader with 25 years of data, research, and insights experience driving brand and corporate strategy, marketing, communications, reputation, advertising, media, and customer and employee experience.

Catherine is currently head of research, insights and Net Promoter Score at Manulife Canada, which aims to put the voice of the customer at the heart of everything Manulife does. Previously, Catherine held leadership roles such as executive vice-president of data and intelligence at Edelman, and senior vice-president of creative excellence and brand and advertising tracking at Ipsos.

Catherine is a passionate ally of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), volunteering her time on industry boards and corporate initiatives to drive the research and analytics industry forward and support DEI initiatives in the business community.

Catherine was nominated for her “dedication to making a difference in driving the insights community forward, while also deeply caring for people”.


What is the biggest challenge you have faced during your career?
The biggest challenge I have faced during my career is earning my way into the C-suite at different organisations, and helping organisations create an equitable and inclusive environment for diverse talent to thrive. 

What will be the next big trend or development in the research industry, and why?
There is no doubt that the plethora of data available to us as well as tech innovations like artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain and virtual reality are underpinning a paradigm shift at play. Technology is an enabler and we need to upskill our insights teams to embrace it.  

However, never has there been a bigger need to humanise all this data though increased connectivity, empathy, storytelling and influence. The marketing, business and insights leaders who are navigating this shift are redefining their insights and analytics,  from the function itself and the evolving research and analytical toolkit, to how insights are being leveraged and shared to not just inform, but to set and drive business strategy and actions.

Who inspires you as a researcher?
The next generation of diverse talent inspires me. I am humbled by their passion, creativity and drive to make the world a better place. We have so much to learn from them. 

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