FEATURE10 September 2019

Brewing for change

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Premium tea brand Twinings has a disparate global footprint, so it had to work across all markets when introducing an innovation programme, as its head of marketing excellence, Catherine Coleman-Jinks, tells Jane Bainbridge


Tastes and trends in hot beverages have gone through many dips and turns. Historically seen as a nation of tea drinkers, the rise of coffee-shop culture in the UK has had a significant impact on the hot drinks we choose.

While coffee has gained currency, however – whether because of connoisseurship or ubiquity – it has also faced challenges, as some people look to limit their caffeine intake as part of an increased focus on wellbeing. Tea may not have fared so well in the out-of-home environment, but fruit and herbal teas have benefited from the health and hydration spotlight.

It is within these relatively complex market conditions that Catherine Coleman-Jinks, head of marketing excellence, international marketing, at Twinings, has found herself navigating a global brand portfolio that covers Twinings and Ovaltine (known as Ovomaltine in international markets).

A food marketer ...