FEATURE4 July 2022

Anita Pavic – Research Hero

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The Market Research Society launched the Research Heroes programme to celebrate the sector’s unsung heroes. Anita Pavic has joined the cadre of Research Heroes 2022.

Anita Pavic, research manager, BulbShare


Anita is a young researcher passionate about youth development, health, peace and conflict, innovation and gender equality. She has worked with various companies and non-governmental organisations as projects manager and social researcher, focusing on poverty reduction, youth empowerment, health and homelessness.

Through her leadership and community engagement activities, she has supported young people in Croatia through her own foundation called Youth Association Ahimsa. She holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Manchester in international development: poverty, conflict and reconstruction. She’s currently working at Bulbshare as a research manager helping brands and organisations build meaningful relationships with their audiences through co-creation, collaboration and social good.

Anita was nominated for her work as “a keen volunteer – in the recent past she has founded a youth association in her native Croatia dedicated to encouraging youngsters to actively participate in society, worked as a youth ambassador for a domestic abuse charity, and has also worked pro bono, writing policy recommendations for a former minister in Afghanistan”.


What is the biggest challenge you have faced during your career?
The biggest challenge I have faced during my career as a researcher is moving from the top-down approach to research to bottom-up approach that is empowering participants and sees them as co-researchers rather than just a sample source. I am happy I have the chance to do this at Bulbshare, where we do our best to empower our community members and give them the opportunity to shift the power and democratise brands and organisations. 

What will be the next big trend or development in the research industry, and why?
The next big trend in research is going to be moving from box-ticking exercises and instead focusing on deeper and more valuable insights from people who genuinely care about what you do. Basing organisational and business decisions on opinions from people who are submitting a survey to get a pound or two is not sustainable and it brings no value. It’s time to change it.

Who inspires you as a researcher?
My mentor Lee at Bulbshare is who inspires me as a researcher. She has a lot of experience in research and always comes up with engaging and creative ways of getting insights. I have so much to learn from her.

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