FEATURE28 June 2017

Ageing populations

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EUROPE – The post-war ‘baby boomer’ generation is fighting ageing more than the ‘silent generation’ that came before it. But, according to new research, there are some key differences between how this plays out across European countries. By Bronwen Morgan


Baby boomers have a different way of approaching ageing, ” says Sophie Schmitt, CEO of Seniosphère Conseil, a strategy and marketing consultancy that specialises in baby boomers and the senior population. “They consider ageing in a positive way – it’s something they’re really interested in. But, if you look at the silent generation [before baby boomers] they were not that focused. They were more accepting of ageing. Baby boomers are somehow fighting it.”

Seniosphère Conseil has been exploring the notion of ‘ageing well’ and the attitudes and behaviours that surround it since 2008, via an evolving survey, initially running only in France and now gathering insight from 50- to 70-year-olds in France, the UK, Germany, Spain, Ireland and the Netherlands via an online study. 

While there are many similarities between baby boomers in these markets, there are also some interesting differences. 

The first is how baby boomers across these five markets define the concept ...