FEATURE31 December 2013

2014 Preview: What will success look like?

Researchers share their key performance indicators for the year to come.

David Shim, CEO, Placed: “To have location become a standardised currency for market research.”

Ray Poynter, Vision Critical: “Success will be getting blue chip clients to switch away from old research to something faster, lighter, cheaper and more impactful.”

Jon Puleston, GMI: “Aiming to get our first-ever viral survey off the ground: a prediction game. If that works I will be extremely happy.”

Andrew Wiseman, ICM: “Success for 2014 will see the MR industry coming out of the shadows to re-establish its credentials as genuine knowledge experts – to become the ‘Jedi Knights’ of information for client organisations.”

Alex Gordon, Sign Salad: “Shifting from an obsession with austerity to embracing modest prosperity – one that avoids the overt display of wealth.”

Graeme Lawrence, Join the Dots: “Success will come from stopping looking backwards and describing what happened, and becoming more forward facing and predictive. This will come from a better understanding of consumers’ decision making and the context in which these decisions are made.”

Tom Ewing, BrainJuicer: “A billion shares for a branded mash-up of a goal celebration.”

Fiona Blades, Mesh Planning: “The market research industry having a greater impact and perception. Having research quoted in boardrooms and annual reports as the major contributor to successful business strategies. Having more graduates clamouring to join the industry. Taking a more sustainable approach to research. Finding a way to harness data.”

See you on 2 January for the research industry’s New Year’s resolutions