About MRS

For 70 years the Market Research Society (MRS) has been raising standards in the research sector. With 5,000 members and 500 accredited company partners, MRS is the world’s largest professional body representing providers and users of market and social research, business intelligence and data analytics.

MRS supports the sector with training and qualifications, professional membership, company accreditation, cutting-edge conferences and advice on best practice in research. 

MRS is dedicated to the support, promotion and enrichment of the research and business world.

Better evidence, better decisions

Research evidence helps business leaders and policy makers make better decisions. More profitable decisions. More informed decisions.

Our members have commissioned and provided evidence that has helped to win elections, launch global brands and understand profound trends in society. Our members generate progress.

Evidence helps to build strategy and reduce risk. It is a support and an inspiration. It is the critical element in every decision makers’ toolkit.

Safeguarding quality and standards

At MRS we are dedicated to helping our members innovate, create sharp intelligence, insightful advice and rigorous data. These are the building blocks of effective evidence generation.

Contact our membership team to find out more about how MRS can help you:

Tel: 020 7566 1820
Email: membership@mrs.org.uk

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