Want to get ahead of the next customer inflection point?

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“If you’re passionate about the future of insights, this will be the most valuable two hours you spend in September…Bring your team.”

As the customer becomes a more powerful force in business, insights can push towards a more strategic position – by uncovering and owning the better why. Still, getting to a more powerful, business-changing answer remains a challenge, owning it even more so.

That’s why C Space, in partnership with the MRS, are hosting the global digital event:

'The Better Why’ Conference - live streaming on Thursday 24th September at 4pm BST.

Join your peers to tackle the biggest challenges and opportunities facing today’s strategic insights leader.

You’ll learn about the data conundrum with Uber, Bacardi and The Marketoonist Tom Fishburne.

Insights leaders share some of the innovative ways they are creating a shared understanding of the customer, across the organisation. Explore and discuss how your peers are getting traction with what they know; share ideas for ways to get the organisation to pay attention; and celebrate examples of the customer-centric change that insights departments are helping to lead.

Key themes include:

  • How to create cut-through and drive strategic decisions, in moments where every department has a version of the truth
  • How to put your expertise to work for the business (and your department) to create breakthrough insights
  • How to create buy in around your version of the truth

You’ll learn about the need to democratise to prioritise with Walmart, Autodesk and General Mills.

Hear where your peers have had success in bringing customers into the organisation in unique and meaningful ways, as well as how you can ensure the integrity of insights that are created when more people have access to tools and customers. And discover how democratising the job of ‘insights can free up insights leaders to do the work that is the most impactful.

Key themes include:

  • How to find the balance between opening up access to customers and ensuring research integrity
  • How to talk to the business in a more meaningful way
  • How to deploy the customer as a source of competitive advantage – transitioning from insight as a form of validation to insight as the headlights of the organisation

You’ll learn why timing is everything with McDonald’s, Wells Fargo and Insights in Color.

Tune in to find out how insights leaders are effectively positioning themselves as strategic partners to the business and ensuring the customer is a part of the most critical decisions.

Key themes include:

  • How to qualify the need and the speed
  • How to embed into the business, drive speed and build relationships
  • How to accelerate response times through planning frameworks that provide direction and flex
  • How to land the brief and push for more answers from the business

You’ll learn to define what better business means with Jaguar Land Rover, Estée Lauder and Wharton Professor Americus Reed II.

Join this discussion to hear stories of how your peers have been bold and led the way in the fight for inclusion and diversity in insights and more broadly in business.

Key themes include:

  • How diversity and inclusion are good for business
  • How to redefine success metrics to serve the customer
  • How to plan for the boardroom

Save your spot for tomorrow and register in the link below: