Transport watchdog to look at evolving needs of passengers and road users

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Anthony Smith, chief executive at Transport Focus -  the independent watchdog for transport users - is inviting research agencies to apply to work with them.

People using London Underground trains

We put the interests of transport users first and aim to get the best deal for passengers and road users.

Insight is at the heart of what we do and enables us to represent transport users and get their voices heard. All of our work is published in the public domain and large pieces of work are often covered in the media.

As we emerge from COVID-19 it’s really important for us to be in touch with transport users’ evolving needs. We are also increasingly involved in the sustainability agenda and how the transport user experience can be improved while the industry adapts to this.

We are looking to use new methodologies that allow us to gather these insights in more agile ways, and given our high profile, we need to be able to present this feedback in new and engaging formats.

If you would like the opportunity to work with us to produce innovative and high profile insights that make a real difference for transport users, we are inviting suitably qualified and experienced agencies to submit proposals to join our Preferred Supplier List.

Please see our website for all details on the application process.