OPINION1 September 2011

Time-saving brands

Swiftcover’s Iggy Pop and the Co-op’s ‘Husband’ ad campaigns are two recent examples of brands tapping into a widespread consumer desire to reduce complexity in their lives.

In the past month or so, it’s been interesting to present and talk with clients about how key consumer trends are affecting them. The trend I call ‘My Time’ (more here) is all about consumer’s desire to reduce complexity in their lives. It’s not difficult to find examples of brands that are trying to tap into this. Love it or hate it, Swiftcover has gone for the jugular with their Iggy Pop campaign message – ‘car insurance quote in 60 seconds’.

Another example has been the recent ‘Husband’ TV ad from the Co-operative. This is where the ‘husband’ talks to the camera, addressing his ‘wife’. He declares that he ‘doesn’t want to do that massive weekly shop anymore’ and ‘be stuck in a traffic jam’ (on the way to the supermarket). Instead, he wants to spend time enjoying life with his wife and kids.

The Co-op ad perfectly complements the ‘My Time’ trend. It engages on an emotional level, tapping into people’s desire for a simpler life, where time with family and friends is valued above everything else. And it positions the Co-operative, with its network of community based stores, as the shopping destination that saves time by offering ‘great food within easy reach’.

I believe the ‘My Time’ trend will continue to gain momentum, especially as it is underpinned by basic human needs and motivations that drive feelings of happiness. In particular, in uncertain economic times, the need for a feeling of connectedness with friends and family is heightened. Brands that understand that need, and offer a helping hand in freeing up time to allow it to be satisfied, should benefit.