OPINION22 April 2010

So how do the candidates make you feel?

Using a measure of emotions, this article delivers an emotional profile of Brown, Cameron and Clegg

Here’s an emotional perspective on how the 3 candidates make you feel after the first debate: a different perspective from opinion polls (and not to be taken entirely seriously).

Gordon Brown’s Emotional Profile


Considerable displeasure and unhappiness although a reasonable sense that he is focused and a safe pair of hands. Urgently needs to prove more exciting. Looking at our database of emotions (the line shows typical scores) the closest industry is Oil and Gas.  Solid dependable, aggressive and uninspiring.

David Cameron’s Emotional Profile 


Bit of a split. Tends to evoke more liking and more displeasure than Brown.  Mildly more arousing but still much less than you’d expect.  Urgently needs to get a positive spin going. Looking at our database of emotions the closest industry is the mobile phone industry.  A bit too flash for its own good, but potential for a revamp. 

Nick Clegg’s Emotional Profile 


A real cut against the grain profile: evokes deep liking and deep dislike at the same time. Strong arousing emotions which could easily turn negative: at the moment a stong positive driver.  Safety is lower than the other candidates – an achilles heel. Urgently needs to reduce peoples fear ratio on some key policies. Looking at our database of emotions the closest industry is retail grocery. Can develop great affection but that emotional equity can quickly turn sour.    


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12 years ago

ha ha ha... so let's see what debate 2 brings. How about the emotional profile of the SNP and Plaid Cymru

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