OPINION4 March 2010

RLF is back – Raiders of the Lost Art

Steve has just heard about the latest Research Liberation Front escapade for the MRS Conference

So the RLF are back and this year they are asking for contributions from everyone from the world of research…. Please join in and visit them on their website:


This year they are turning the spotlight onto the creativity of research…. As they say:

“We are providing a showcase for all the creativity and treasure that the world of research has produced. This is the work that gathers dust under desks or that you trip over when it’s leaning up next to the wall or something you felt was so good it deserves its share of the limelight. We’re talking work lovingly prepared by participants; collages, videos, mood boards, diaries etc., something put together by an agency, be it a hero chart, a slide from a presentation, or something produced by a client! Ultimately, we are looking for anything, nothing is too small, too big or too weird – we are raiding the industry for lost treasure as the RLF asks, is this ART?

In this vein, the RLF are setting up a gallery close to the location of the party at the end of the first day of the conference. We plan a viewing event that will be easy for any conference delegate (or anybody else for that matter) to attend.

So here’s the brief. We are approaching the leading research agencies and clients in the country to ask them to submit a piece which they feel deserves to be considered as an artwork. We are approaching art professionals to review the works in the exhibition. And yes, there will be prizes awarded!”

Do go to the website for more details (click on the events bit) and hopefully see you there for a glass of something and a look at what our industry can turn up in the name of art!!