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OPINION10 June 2019

Ready for the artificial intelligence advance?

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AI Impact Opinion UK

The opportunities are opening up for market researchers to use artificial intelligence at scale as James Oates explains.

My in-box is filling up with invitations to analytics and research conferences. What always jumps out at these events is the range of approaches – from familiar analytics based on segmentation and econometric modelling to new thinking and the next big bets. Keeping abreast of advancements in analytics is an important part of my job and, right now, we see an interesting industry dynamic on show at these events. The noise and activity around larger data sets and applying cognitive research solutions is growing. At the heart of this is the progress of artificial intelligence (AI).

What really excites me about AI is that, for some time, it has felt like a distant, complex science, but now there is an opportunity for us to use it at scale. On a personal level, that means understanding its value to our industry and how to bring to life these analytical approaches in my day-to-day work. This is an opportunity to learn, and the ...