OPINION27 March 2020

Listen for the conference call

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Rory Sutherland shares his preferred options for video conferencing and connecting remotely.

Video conferencing shot_crop

Spectator readers among you may remember me enthusing about a new technology called the Meeting Owl. A video-conferencing device costing approximately £800, it was created by a brilliant group of ex-MIT engineers.

And now the latest fruit of their genius arrives in the UK in the shape of a new, upgraded version of the Owl, called The Meeting Owl Pro. This will cost under £1, 000, or $999 in the US. Now I owe you full disclosure here: the company has generously sent me an example to try. That said, even after compensating for reciprocity bias and my natural propensity for gadget-evangelism, I cannot think of any new technology more useful to people working in market research.

If you want to record groups, broadcast live groups or participate in meetings remotely, it could change your life – and wow your clients.

Simply place the device in the middle of a table (seating two to 10 people) and plug it into a power socket. It ...