OPINION24 September 2009

Less of more-with-less is more

Please god, someone get us out of the this recession quick. I don’t think I can stand to hear anyone else telling me to do more with less.

If you’re ever short of something to say in a meeting, just try I think we should be doing more with less. It sounds insightful but doesn’t actually tie you into doing anything, and so it is perfect for most of these occasions.

Saying that it’s good to do more with less is a bit like saying that world peace is a good thing. Of course it is. I’d be far more interested in speaking to someone who disagrees; but that’s a different post.

I gave myself five minutes to find examples of how far this virus has spread. The results, in no particular order:


Maximize ROI: How to do more with less

The Harvard Business Review has solved the problem, but nobody told the guys in the Ice cream business.

Apparently it is good to be innovative in Forbes, which is not suprising considering the impact on owl animation.

Conferences: an entire Google summit (you missed it) and people at the The Institute of Directors conference: more hope, optimism and even great excitement – with less money.

Marketing: more branding for less. Just what the world needs.

Doing more with less on holiday, which doesn’t sound like much of a holiday to me.

And finally, a warning that it’s easier said than done to do more with less.

Well on this evidence it’s definitely easier said, that’s for sure.