OPINION6 July 2015

Is there a research deficit?

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Whether strategy influences research or research influences strategy in an organisation can have a fundamental effect on the quality and impact of market research says PwC’s Alison Blair.


The market research industry contributes more than £3bn to the UK economy but what value does it provide to the organisations that use it?

A small part of the work we do at PwC, Research to Insight (r2i), looks at the use of research within organisations. This has shown us that there is a huge disparity across individual organisations between the best practice, where research is a valuable investment that drives action and supports change, and the worst, where research can be seen as simply a cost burden.

Based on our observations we have made some hypotheses about what distinguishes those who get value from research and those who are not exploiting its full potential.

Insight is now derived from more sources than market research; as well as sales data and consumer feedback we have the many forms of social media as a rich source of information. The danger is that these sources become competitive ...