OPINION6 April 2010

Ipsos chief talks acquisitions to Bloomberg

It seems Synovate chief Robert Philpott isn’t the only agency boss planning on splashing out on acquisitions this year. Ipsos CEO Didier Truchot tells Bloomberg reporter Matthew Campbell that his company is also eyeing possible takeover targets in certain developed markets.

Truchot says the firm is also looking to expand its operations in the emerging and developing markets of India, Asia and Africa.

“We may make some more significant acquisitions in developed markets, where there are still some sizable companies which can be targets for us,” said Truchot. He added: “We will be as active as we can, so maybe we will do more deals in 2010.”

Click here for the full report, as published by BusinessWeek.

Ipsos’s annual report, published in February, pointed to credit lines of €150m to help fund acquisitions, including that of OTX. Ipsos is paying $71m for the Los Angeles-based online research specialist – $60m now and $11m in two years.