OPINION21 October 2011

Ikea adds a touch of the personal

A smart Ikea app that pulls in Facebook data to create a ‘personalised bedroom’ shows the retailer is on top of the MySelf trend, says Pete Comley.

As highlighted in my report, the MySelf trend is leading to an increasing personalisation of products. With this in mind, one development that caught my eye was Ikea’s personalised 3D showroom on YouTube. The interactive tool draws on data from Facebook and creates a bespoke 3D bedroom.

YouTube Ikea app

Customers are shown their perfect room by visiting www.youtube.com/IKEAUK. The tool pulls in data from Facebook to show pictures of friends and family on the wall. The concept was developed based on data from a UK-wide study of over 2 million Britons that sought to understand how people live life at home.

I really like this concept of integrating brands with people’s lives. All the items highlighted in your ‘personalised bedroom’ are available for purchase at Ikea’s online store. A key benefit is that you don’t have to spend an hour circumnavigating a massive warehouse showroom to find it – dovetailing nicely with the MyTime trend.

PS: Intel ran a similar exercise with the Museum of Me, an app that pulled in a person’s pictures from their Facebook profile to create a virtual museum.