OPINION4 February 2010

Hidden Defectors in an Experience

Just because people don’t complain doesn’t mean they are satisfied

Following on from the earlier Blog on the concept of Silent Attrition, I thought I’d enclose what has been in the Customer Experience world quite a useful model. This is from Cherry Tree research and highlights the high defection rate from the ‘do not complain’ but had a poor experience segment! This is like the Convergys model and resonates highly within Social Media: especially when you think about how ‘do not complain’ can turn into ‘but I’ll talk about it any way in my Social Media.

People with a bad experience who don

By way of a contrary view, Gartner has just released a useful article: Social Media is the New CRM.  To quote from the article placed on Mycustomer.com:

“More than 70% of all IT-led social media initiatives will fail over the next two years compared with about half of business-led ones, according to researchers Gartner.  This high failure rate is because organisations do not currently have the right skill sets in place to design and deliver such offerings, while the situation is also not helped by a dearth of suitable methodologies, technologies and tools to help them.”

In short, there is perhaps an Experience shortfall. Technologies maybe good at initially capturing interest but actually achieving engagement beyond the student facebook type approach, still falls far short of what is required.