OPINION11 September 2009

Green shoots?

So how are we feeling now that things are supposedly turning up?

So how are things with you now that everything is supposedly feeling better? One of our fieldwork suppliers told me the other day that they had their busiest August ever. We are certainly seeing some things pick up and at the Research Club event last night the research community seemed both lively (helped by the free booze of course) and upbeat.


Of course the typical project is still smaller and costs more scrutinized than a year or so ago but at least we seemed to have turned the corner. Some of the results coming out from the big guys recently seem very poor with revenue declines of 10% or more but these are presumably old news and things will look up from here. I for one am certainly optimistic that things are and will continue to pick up but, as with the consensus, probably that the pick up will not be exactly ferocious.


So, being a Friday, I will toast green shoots this evening and just hope that everyone is feeling the same way, as that will of course make it true!!!




11 years ago

Steve, If what the media says is true, then we should all start to feel a lot happier in 2010 - and certainly from our end (the ship is sailing along nicely). I think 2009 has brought about greater focus and attention to the bottom line of what research does and can do for clients, and as a result (more agencies) are having to demonstrate more than ever before the business impact of their work.

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11 years ago

Completely agree and I think it will be a very interesting (and different) research world in 2 years time than it was 2 years ago...

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