OPINION12 February 2010

Friendship groups are fun!

Steve has just finished running some friendship groups and was reminded of how fun and effective they are.

Just finished running some friendship groups with housewives for a major yoghurt brand. We recruited a main respondent hitting specific criteria and then helped them recruit some of her friends with similar profiles. The groups were then held in the main respondents home.

We have done this type of thing before but this was the first time in a few years that I have moderated them and I was reminded of why they are such a good approach.

Firstly they are great fun. The group of friends needs no warm up or introduction, they just launch into general banter about themselves and their lives. They laugh at, challenge, criticise and hassle each other and the moderator the whole way through.

Secondly they keep each other real. It is very difficult to pose, exaggerate or be economical with the truth in front of friends. They pick you up on stuff! If you say you go to the theatre every weekend they will laugh and say you are more likely to be seen at home watching TV! All the pretences you can go through with ‘normal’ groups just fade away.

And finally they get to the point much quicker and better. There is no pussy footing around the issue, they tell you exactly what they feel and why, often without any prompting at all.

So I am now advocating friendship groups whenever I can, and as I am now amongst friends does anyone agree?!


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