OPINION8 December 2010

Digividuals going freeware in January


Build your own research robot next year, promises BrainJuicer’s John Kearon.

BrainJuicer’s John Kearon spoke this morning about the company’s Digividuals, the research robots built to match certain demographic specifications which then scoure the web for people like them, “gathering their thoughts, blogs, photos, music and videos and adopting them as the robot’s own to produce a living, breathing single-person synthesis of the many thousands of people who fit the profile”.

We’ve written about them before, here and here, but it looks like soon we’ll all be able to have a go at crafting our own research machine.

Kearon told NewMR delegates that a freeware version of Digividuals would be made available next year, perhaps as early as January.

Start channelling your inner Asimov.