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OPINION1 August 2007

Cabbing it, quiz nights and Scottish names

The Diary

You'll never guess who I had in the back of my cab...
The world of research is about to experience a new four-wheeled mode of operation with news that Hall & Partners has bought itself its very own cab. And very handsome it is too.

Most days of the month, the taxi will still be operating as a regular fare-paying cab with 'Ian the cabbie' offering customers all his personal points of view about politics, celebrities and stories-of-the-day.

At least once a month, however, Hall & Partners will be offering free rides to regular people on the street in exchange for their honest opinions on brands, advertising and hot topics. These mini-interviews will be captured on video and used to provide qualitative insights and added value for clients and potential clients alike.

Hall & Partners Europe CEO Vanella Jackson said: "We are delighted with the launch of our company taxi. We're always looking for innovative techniques to help deliver real insights for our clients. What better way to get at the word-on-the-street than through asking everyday consumers' honest opinions in the back of a black cab?"

We'll ask the questions
To the Bunker Bar in London's Covent Garden for the inaugral Research Industry Inter-company Quiz Night, as hosted by Research Now. Teams included Synovate UK, BDRC, Clear Ideas, NfP, RSM, TNS, JD Power, Synovate Healthcare, Simpson Carpenter, HPI, Ipsos, Holden Permain and Northstar. Oh, as well as a motley collection of brains from Research itself. The Research team, after having been pipped on a tie-break question, finished a creditable fourth.

Editor Marc Brenner was quizmaster for evening. He refused to admit to Diary that most of his gags were 'coolly' received, preferring to blame the 'frosty' reception on a malfunctioning microphone that made him sound like Norman Collier.

Top honours must go to the team who tackled the question, 'Which Olympic sport forbids men to have any beard growth?' with the answer 'Smooth Skating.' The answer really did deserve a medal of its own.

Hoots mon!
The country's most 'Scottish' names have been revealed – Murdo MacRitchie and Angusina MacEachen – as a new demographic analysis product is launched to help businesses target Scots living in England and Wales.

The 'Scottish Names' targeting list has been devised by CACI, a marketing solutions and information systems provider. CACI has identified the first names and surnames that are most common in Scotland compared with Britain as a whole. This information then allows a database search to find how Scottish an individual's name is, and to identify parts of England and Wales where there are more likely to be people with Scottish ancestry or links.

The product will be targeted at organisations such as Scottish food companies, Scottish charities, and companies in the Scottish tourism sector, looking to better reach people with the potential to buy Scottish products and services.

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