OPINION16 December 2009

Awards night

Steve reflects on the industry’s annual awards night

Feeling largely OK today, a little fuzzy from the wine last night but overall not too bad. We (MESH In this case) were up for a couple of awards last night but sadly they didn’t come through. On the other hand it was a good do and always fun to catch up with other people in the industry.

As Rita Clifton mentioned in her speech it does feel like the year has been a game of two halves. The last industry bash I went to was an ESOMAR conference in February where the mood was distinctly sombre (and those were the people who hadn’t cancelled!). But last night people seemed to be looking forward to 2010 and thinking that 2009 hadn’t been quite as bad as they had at one time feared.

It was also good to see a variety of different agencies win awards and some new companies coming through (the nominee list for Best Agency was particularly refreshing). Hopefully bodes well for the industry in the coming years. Having spoken to a few people outside research about their industry awards nights it also seems we have the best food!